Our blog writing service provides your business with regular, SEO focused content that increases overall social media engagement, improves your businesses search engine ranking, and drives sales. 

We use SEO techniques, and we analyse data to choose topics that will deliver the best results. Our blog writing team combines expertise in the commercial marine and seafood industry as well as knowledge in the manufacturing and technology sectors along with a great understanding on how to create well written content that anyone would be happy for their businesses name to be on



We provide world class content that captivates your audience, increases your potential reach and helps to develop your brand. Our team of talented blog writers have significant SO experience, understands how to create engaging content to meet your business’ needs and consistently create high quality posts that improves your search results to increase traffic. 

To maintain our standards, in house editors monitor every blog post before it is delivered for publication. We also have a full-time team manager who can help you get the most out of your blogs and improve your visibility using our SEO services. This provides full analysis with an SEO kick-off which contains a detailed report of how well your business’ SEO is and what could be done to improve it. 

Every customer is assigned a dedicated blog manager. This manager is responsible for ensuring seamless communication and cooperation between all members of our blog writing team and your business. They will brief our writers, create your content publication schedule and act as your first point of contact should any questions or issues arise. 



Blog management is an important aspect of website management, as it provides a platform for businesses and individuals to share their thoughts, ideas, and expertise on a specific topic or industry. A blog can be an effective tool for driving traffic to a website, engaging with audiences, establishing thought leadership, and ultimately, growing a business or personal brand. 


  • Increase website traffic: A well-maintained blog with high-quality content can drive traffic to a website. Blog posts can be optimized for search engines, making it easier for people to find the website when searching for related keywords. 
  • Build a community: By consistently publishing blog posts and engaging with the audience, a community of followers can be built around the blog. This community can be leveraged to promote products, services, and other offerings. 
  • Increase brand awareness: Regularly publishing blog posts can increase brand awareness and exposure. As more people share the blog posts and engage with the content, the brand can gain visibility and reach a wider audience. 


  • SEO experienced writers that will improve your search engine rank 
  • In-house team of editorial staff that guarantees error free content 
  • Fully formatted content 
  • Consistent tone of voice across all channels to ensure a professional sounding blog post 
  • Single point content for easy communication 
  • Amendments to your content if you’re not happy 
  • Included metadata and SEO optimised content 


What is Blog Management?

Blog management is the process of ensuring that your content marketing is in line with your bigger marketing strategy. 

It includes elements like finding new and exciting topics to cover and doing keyword research to discover the best search words to include in each piece. 

However, it also includes elements like getting to know your target audience, brainstorming the value that each post provides, and selecting the right promotion tools to bring in readers. 

While it is somewhat of a broad scope, blog management is a crucial part of the whole process. It’s essentially the road map that keeps everything on track. 

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How Does Blog Management Help Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Now that you have a good idea of what blog management entails, let’s look at why it is important to your content marketing strategy. 

Having a strong blog management process enables you to: 

Delegate Tasks More Effectively 

When you know what needs to be done at each step in the content creation process, you’ll know exactly what to assign to the various members of your team. 

Create More Compelling Content 

Planned content is more cohesive and offers better value for your overall audience. 

Keep a Consistent Posting Schedule 

Creating content in advance and sticking to a schedule allows you to keep a more consistent flow, which helps readers understand when they need to come back for the next instalment. 

Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Google prefers websites that are updated on a fairly regular basis. When you’re expertly managing your blog, this is easier to accomplish. 

Of course, that’s just a few of the various benefits that come with effective blog management. 

Why You Need a Blog Manager

A blog manager will make posting blogs and creating a upload schedule for your site so much easier. This is because they will take the lead when it comes to your businesses blogs. They will make decisions on things like what topics to cover, how frequently should you be posting, who the target audience will be as well as other things like how to use blog to help sales and knowing if the blog will perform well or not. 

This is a massive job and is very important if you want to create top quality blogs and is why you should consider hiring a blog manager. 

Blog Manager Responsibilities

Here are a few responsibilities that a blog manger would uptake:  

  • Leading brainstorming sessions 
  • Developing a content strategy and prioritizing blog topics 
  • Managing a blogging calendar  
  • Hiring and managing writers 
  • Guiding the coordination between professional writers and internal contributors 
  • Teaching and training internal contributors 
  • Finding and managing guest bloggers 
  • Analysing results 


Ways to create a proper blog structure
  • Create a captivating Headline 
  • Create an Introduction 
  • Use headings and subheadings  
  • Use paragraphs to split chunks of text 
  • Add visual content like images and videos 
  • Add a CTA in the Conclusion 
What makes a good blog

A good through out blog will stand above the rest as it will provide regular and relevant content that the readers will enjoy and feel that they got something out of it. This means it can be informative, newsworthy, or entertaining as long as the reader feels they got something out of it.