Last week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ciaran O‘Donnell for the Business Matters Podcast on Highland Radio here in Donegal.

I met Ciaran at the Mount Errigal, a hotel in Letterkenny on Thursday afternoon and for someone like me who is more familiar with being on the other side of the mic, being interviewed is an experience I rarely have or have gotten used to, but Ciaran was there to greet me and put my slight anxiety at ease.

In the days leading-up to the interview, Ciaran and I had worked together on the topics that would be covered, and this is standard practice for professionals. There are no surprise questions, there might be quizzical questions that arise during the interview, but this is nothing like judicial questioning; your interviewer will not spring surprise questions on you to catch you out.

After having a friendly chat over a cup of tea it was time to get the interview started.

Ciaran and I chatted about my background, the various employments I’ve had in the past and what led to The Fishing Daily, my first business idea.

I explained, that for me it was the years of learned experience. The way news is delivered has been changed, once news was one o’clock, six-o’clock or nine o’clock news. Then the internet happened, and it became breaking news, but now, breaking news has gone past and instant news is standard. I could not see why this should be different for the Irish fishing industry that was relying on monthly publications. In every other day life, fishermen like everyone else needs instant news. I only fully realised the impact The Fishing Daily had when I met an official from DG-MARE in the European Commission who said that The Fishing Daily was read every day, and it was how they kept in contact with Irish fishing news and views, something they couldn’t do before.

So, The Fishing Daily was established in 2019 and the platform went live on 09 January 2020. I later went into business with Michael MacGinty from MEANit Web Design. During the interview with Ciaran, I discussed how that came about, and how it led to establishing the company Comhlact Cumarsáide an tSáile Teoranta (Saltwater Media Ltd). From there grew the idea of Margaíocht Sháile (Saltwater Marketing).

Working on The Fishing Daily platform has taught me invaluable knowledge on digital marketing. I knew myself that these skills are transferrable. I discussed with Michael the possibility of how Comhlacht Cumarsáide an tSáile could expand.

We had been in conversation with Údaras na Gaeltachta about employing people in the business. Unfortunately, like the majority of business across the globe, the COVID-19 pandemic had a major impact.

At the same time, though, it forced us to rewire our thinking about The Fishing Daily and one of the major results that came from COVID was we compacted its operation.

I was still eager to create employment opportunities for people, and we suggested to Údaras na Gaeltachta that our plan was to build a website from the ground up in Irish and in parallel with that build in English.

Traditionally, websites have been built in English with Irish as an add-on, rather than being the core.

We left that meeting with Údaras and started to build our own website

Údaras na Gaeltachta was very happy with the result.

I explained to Ciaran that not alone can Margaíocht Sháile build your website in Irish and English, we can build it in whatever languages you want and in as many languages you need but most important aspect for turning your website in to a valuable asset is digital marketing services, which we also provide.

Overall, being interviewed was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone in business.

Click here to listen to the Business Matters podcast.

I would like to thank Ciaran O’Donnell and Highland Radio for this opportunity.