Development Team

How it came together – Saltwater Marketing

Our project at Saltwater Marketing was to develop a website that will be used to connect with customers and potential customers, mainly in the west coast of Ireland.

Businesses that want to stay true to their Irish heritage and culture which was why the main goal of this was to create the website to be Multilingual, meaning it will be in both Irish and English.

The Saltwater marketing project came together because of hard work and dedication by the team. The project was completed in a 13-week period by a team of individuals who took on the task of developing and designing a new and improved website for Saltwater Marketing for their work-based learning period at the NWRC North West Regional College.

The team consisted of 6 members:

Caragh Gallagher Cooke
Eoghan Hood
Nathan Rodgers
James Sewell
Stephen McCloskey
Dermot Hoy

who completed their work placement with MEANit Web Design Agency and the Saltwater media team who along with help from Michael MacGinty and Oliver McBride were able to complete this task to a standard that we are very happy with.

During our time with MEANit we took on several different tasks so that we were able to complete the project. We started the project by conducting extensive research and gaining understand of the brief and the project at hand.

During this task we looked at what we had to complete and tired to come up with ideas about what we might add to the website. Once we knew what the task at hand was, we got to work on creating different specifications to add to the brief. These including development specs and design specs, they were going to given to the design and development team so that they can create the website that we wanted which they did, and we are very happy with it.

Our next goal was to generate the content you see on the website now. This includes the information you see on each service page and each blog post. With help from our Michael and Oliver we where able to create relative information that we hope will be useful to any users that may use the site.

We really enjoyed out time working with MEANit and Saltwater Marketing as we feel that not only did, we get to create a website that is multilingual and not that many other companies have but we gained so much understanding about the digital Marketing sector as a whole and that it covers so much more that what we previously thought.