Selling Fish Online

How do you sell your fish?

Are you getting the value of your catch on the prices you are receiving?

If you could use a different way to sell your fish to make better money or margin, would you use it?

Many small-scale fishing boats could be doing more to increase their returns on their catches, but are not familiar with how internet technology that could help them.

Moving into the post-Brexit era, small-scale fishing vessels in Ireland can adapt to becoming more self-reliant in selling their own catch, therefore increasing profit margins, and decreasing costs. Imagine having your catch pre-sold before you get back to port! Money in the bank before you tie up!!

How can you sell fish online?

Saltwater Marketing has a great solution to help you.

For example, you are fisherman single-handedly fishing lobsters. You have 24 lobster pots that you check daily during the summer. You live in a touristy area where there are hotels, restaurants and affluent visitors who frequent the area.
Your regularly supply one of the hotels, and one of the restaurants, but want a means to sell your lobster directly to tourists. You know how much lobster you need to catch to make a trip pay, but some days you are up and some days you are down. With a website platform that has a built-in ecommerce facility you could become master of your own pricing and sales.

You could receive €15/20 per kilo for lobster whereas some of the top restaurants charge €70.00 per kilo. Wouldn’t you like to narrow that gap?
With COVID-19, many people have found the joy of cooking at home and are looking for top class fresh produce that they can find on their doorstep. Your own website means the buyer can order and pay for it there and then, meaning you have your money in the bank, literally, by the time you land your catch on the pier.
You can also sell directly to commercial customers (shops, hotels and restaurants), and private regular buyers who are registered with you and can logon to avail of discounted prices or special offers that you can provide for their loyal custom. For one-off buyers or private individuals, you can display a premium price to them. You decide what prices the various people see on the website.

Cut out the middleman, avoid getting lower prices for your catch and with a little investment, maximise your profit margins.

You set the price on the day and aim to sell what you catch.

Are you unaccustomed to using internet technology to sell fish online?

With a smartphone or a tablet, you can have the market for your fish at your fingertips.

During 2020, COVID-19 closed valuable markets in France and Italy. In the UK many small-scale fishermen were left wondering what they could do. No markets, no money.

Some of them decided that their best option was selling their fish locally. They would take orders and then try to fulfil those orders.
It worked quite successfully for a number of operators, and many would not go back to sending their catch abroad or selling again to an agent.
Internet technology on your phone or tablet could allow you to make this process easier. Sell what you catch on the day. That way you never have to panic about fulfilling orders.

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