Pay Per Click Advertising

If you are looking to increase your business visibility as well as gain more traffic and users to your website, then Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising may be the best way for you to do this. Advertising through PPC is one of the most effective ways to reach to expand your website or brands visibility as you can advertise your business on some of the top social media platforms such as Facebook and the most used search engine too in Google 

We will set up, monitor, manage and provide you with insight into how your Google ad campaigns are performing. If not done correctly PPC they can turn out extremely ineffective and a waste of money. 

What is PPC 

PPC is a form of digital advertising where the advertiser pays a fee each time one for there ads are clicked. In essence, you are paying for targeted online traffic (or landing page or app). When PPC is implemented properly, the cost is negligible because each click is worth more than you are charged. For instance, if your budget allows £2 for a click and the click generates a £300 transaction, you have profited handsomely. 

One of the most well-known types of PPC is search engine advertising, commonly referred to as sponsored search or search engine marketing. When someone searches for something related to their product or service, it enables advertisers to compete for ad placement in the sponsored links of a search engine. 

How Google Ads Work

Depending on what platform you use to run the ad the process may be slightly different but for most the platforms the process will be similar. 

  • You will first choose your ad campaign type based on your objective. 
  • Refine your settings and targeting. Try and define your target audience as well as things like locations and devices too. 
  • When using Google Ads, you will provide your budget and bidding strategy for your ad and keywords 
  • Input your landing pages URL. This will be the page the user lands on when they click on your ad 
  • Finally build your ad. Included relevant keywords so that your ad will rank top among the rest 

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Is Pay per Click worth it?

PPC is still worth is as long as the business understands their business and pays attention as long term sales will outweigh the initial cost of paying for a click and the cost of Keywords. All it might take would one or two sales to make your money back. 

Where will my Ad appear?

Where your Ad appears will depend on what your budget is and how much you pay for clicks to your site. It all depends on a score that is calculated based on how relevant your web page is and how much you are paying. The websites higher score will rank higher on search engines like Google.